Friday, 24 August 2012

Is Your Lawn Affected In Drought? Some Tips For Your Lawn Care

Many states are presently experiencing drought conditions this summer in America. Although it is less intense this year, dry conditions are more widespread all over the country. Thirty-three percent of the country is presently in drought whereas in last year it was 22.4 %.

Non-arid states such as Kansas, Georgia and Arkansas are experiencing an extreme drought condition. Among these states some are even experiencing for the first time. Last year during this time, much of the drought was restricted to the southern parts of the states. However, drought conditions in the Midwest for last few months are a different issue, while drought in western US wasn’t evident last year as well.

Here are some tips provided by Chicago landscaping companies with regards to how to take care of your lawn during a drought condition.

Give the lawn a heavy soaking every 3-7 days. Water unless 6 inches of soil is moistened.

Take a container that has a straight edge to monitor the water usage in the lawn. Overwatering may cause lawn disease.

Try not watering the asphalt or concrete. Sprinklers, which water the driveway, sidewalk or other such hard surfaces, not only waste water but money as well.

Provide water where it is needed the most. If saving water is your goal, list up your irrigation needs on priority basis. First, soak the newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials that are stressed by transplanting; then quench annuals, which include the ornamental plants and vegetables. Lastly sprinkle turf, which can go dormant safely.

Use sprinkler early in the morning so that grasses are able to withstand the heat of the day. Don’t water the lawn when there is high temperature or after 9 a.m. as watering at that time causes evaporation to take place. Don’t even water too late at night because that can lead to standing water inviting fungus or mold to take root.

Landscapers in Chicago always suggest conserving water by using sweating hoses or drip irrigation when watering the trees, shrubs and garden beds.

Plant grasses that are pest and drought resistant.


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